@stanfordUAVclubCongrats SUAVE's Cardinal S.A.R. (https://t.co/3X6JkcEH9m) for getting into the final round of the DJI Developer Challenge #DJI #Ford #UNDP1 month ago
@stanfordUAVclubCheck out the progress of some of our members in Cardinal S.A.R. in the DJI Developer Challenge: https://t.co/3X6JkcEH9m #DJI #Ford #UNDP4 months ago
@stanfordUAVclub@sepamu the best way to get in touch with them would be the contact page through our website: https://t.co/PBEIkO0K8m5 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubCongrats to the newly elected Board Members at our Club Elections last night! The future of the club is looking bright!6 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubAbout a week and a half left on our SUAVE Member 301 Challenges. Get your submissions in: https://t.co/1FQkQBLV2O6 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubGreat members meeting last night, we appreciate all the feedback. Club leadership elections coming up in two weeks!6 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubCongrats to our #SUAVE treasurer as a member of Team Reacon https://t.co/A0Hf1Gfj9b6 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubIt's been a busy winter, @stanfordUAVclub is back after a short hiatus. Expect more regular updates6 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubGreat article about @stanfordUAVclub regarding safe #drone flights https://t.co/LCaprx8not9 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubRT @DJIGlobal: Learn more about the recent announcement of GEO, the new geofencing system for your DJI drone. https://t.co/XpcagnF1rX9 months ago
@stanfordUAVclub.@stanfordUAVclub members publish #drone #cinematography research paper at #SIGGRAPH Asia! https://t.co/dHmNgvU2ES https://t.co/XIHQEFu4Bk11 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubRT @Stanford: Stanford engineers say the secret to better drone cameras lies in the structure of swan necks: http://t.co/Hc3OgwIWL7 http://…12 months ago
@stanfordUAVclubRT @rosalieinc: Duke Energy tests drones as maintenance aids at power plants. http://t.co/OnrtVqpQam #drone #drones12 months ago

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The Stanford UAV Club started just under two years ago, and we've grown so much since then.
If you're into anything UAVs and are in the Bay Area, please make sure to reach out to us!