Co-President: John McNelly

John McNelly is a sophomore pursuing his interests on Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering. In addition to being the SUAVE Treasurer, John is the team lead for Stanford Flight, Stanford’s AIAA Design-Build-Fly Competition team. In his spare time, John enjoys designing, building, tinkering with, crashing, fixing, and crashing, and fixing, and crashing UAV’s, especially those of the fixed-wing variety.

Co-President: Brian Munguia

Brian is a Ph.D. candidate in the Aerospace Design Lab at Stanford University. His research interests are in fluid mechanics and design optimization. He currently contributes to the development of coupled adjoint methods for sonic boom reduction in the open-source design suite Stanford University Unstructured (SU2).

Brian became interested in UAV design when he took the AA241X course in the Aero/Astro department, where he and his team developed an autonomous fixed-wing aircraft for firefighting. As a member of SUAVE, Brian has assisted in mentoring the SUAVE 101 course and the AA241X course. As Co-President, Brian hopes to continue the success of SUAVE’s educational offerings and to create more opportunities for friendly competition within the community.

Treasurer: Noa Glaser

Noa Glaser is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergrad with a passion for robotics. In high-school she founded a FIRST robotics team which advanced to the world championship. Noa was responsible for all technical, financial and logistic aspects. At Stanford, Noa proceeded to pursue research in Quadcopters and serve as SUAVE’s financial officer and 101 project mentor. Noa, as a part of team Recon, developed computer vision and voice-controlled search and rescue drones at Stanford TreeHacks. The team won several top prizes including Most Technically Challenging Project. As a part of SUAVE leadership, Noa strives to foster meaningful connections for student research and learning opportunities for the general student body.

Head Mentor: Eli Wu

Eli is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering. He has been interested in all things flying since middle school, and is a robotics enthusiast; in high school, he founded the Aerial Robotics club, hosting races and developing novel ways to control quadcopters, as well as captained the Robotics team, leading them to achieve victory at the State and World Championships. Eli is always looking forward to building cool things, big or small.
Eager to bring his experience to SUAVE as Head Mentor, he spearheads the SUAVE 101 courses, mentors new students, and helps the club’s ongoing effort to demystify the world of UAVs. Eli especially loves miniquad racing – the faster, the crazier, the better. He hopes to ultimately mentor more newcomers and bring the world of UAVs to all people.

Project Advisor / Equipment Master: Ryan Devens

Ryan is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. He has been working with UAVs for six years, and competed in the AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems competition in high school. He’s also been flying remote control aircraft for over ten years, so come to him if you’re interested in learning to fly planes or quads. Ryan participated in a project to develop a high speed VTOL aircraft with the robotics club, but moved to SUAVE after taking the 101 course and has since joined the leadership team. As the projects advisor, Ryan is the one to talk to about using equipment, joining an existing project, or starting your own.

Event Coordinator: Megan Rowe

Megan is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. ME was a natural choice for her, since she has always loved learning about how things work. Her first encounter with UAV technology was in high school, when one day her dad brought a drone home and let her fly it. As part of SUAVE, Megan has built and flown drones autonomously, and is a member of Stanford Flight, Stanford’s AIAA Design-Build-Fly Competition team. She has already competed in the 2016-2017 DBF competition, and is excited to continue competing with Stanford Flight in future competitions.

In her free time, Megan likes swimming, running, singing and listening to 70s music. She also enjoys planning cool events, which is why she’s excited for her role as Events Coordinator of SUAVE.

Fun Fact: Megan really likes sloths.

Public Relations Officer: Andrew Garcia

Andrew is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He joined SUAVE because he likes to meet cool people and build cool things. He first became interested in engineering from the many competitions he did in high school.

Webmaster: Monica Anuforo

Monica is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Ever since participating in her high school FRC Robotics team, Monica has had a fascination with anything having to do with robotics. Joining SUAVE seemed like a cool way to explore her interests while also meeting awesome people who share her enthusiasm for robotics, aerospace, and engineering. As Webmaster, Monica get’s to work on SUAVE’s website and social media pages. A strong believer in the power of the internet, Monica is excited to shape this club’s online presence. Monica is also excited to start SUAVE’s first AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition team.

In her free time, Monica loves playing the cello and listening to classical music. Fun Fact: Monica also really likes sloths.

Past SUAVE Leadership Members









Public Relations Officer – Vinod Seenivasan

Vinod is a 3rd year mechanical engineering student from the National University of Singapore(NUS) and currently on a year-long entrepreneurship programme at Stanford. In his first quarter, he took the 101 and 102 courses which were such fun and enriching experiences.

Vinod developed an interest in drone technology while working on the mechanical design for a Personal Flying Machine project in Singapore. Dubbed Snowstorm, the 18-propellered machine is capable of carrying a person and has been featured heavily by networks like BBC, NBC and Reuters and showcased at ‘Founders Forum’ to top executives of tech companies such as GoogleX, Tesla and Hyperloop One.

As a PR officer, Vinod helps to organise and publicize events to reach out to the Stanford student community. He has also been actively connecting with several drone companies and startups to strengthen SUAVE’s industry relations.


Event Coordinator – Natalie Muenster

Natalie Muenster is a Junior in Computer Science. Natalie is a brave graduate of the fixed wing 101 projects, having successfully completed the course last fall. To pursue her growing passion for UAVs, Natalie joined with the Solar UAV Project where she has gained more invaluable experience designing an building a solar powered UAV. She is excited to join the leadership board as the event coordinator and would love to hear all of your great ideas for events!

Faculty Advisor – Juan J. Alonso

Juan is an Associate Professor in Stanford’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the director of the Aerospace Design Laboratory (ADL), and the faculty advisor of the Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE).

Past SUAVE Leadership

President – Adrien Perkins

Adrien is a 3rd year graduate student in the GPS Lab at Stanford University. He is currently working on a multirotor UAV capable of navigation in a GPS denied environment in order to track the location of a jamming device.

He is an avid fixed wing r/c pilot and has worked with mostly fixed wing UAVs since in his undergrad at Rutgers University where he was a founding member of Rutgers’ UAV competition team. At SUAVE Adrien is working with several other members as part of two projects: the Outback Challenge project and the Android Autopilot project. As President, Adrien strives to continue building the SUAVE community and increasing SUAVE’s offerings to its members.

Vice President – Steve Krukowski

Steve is a PhD Candidate in Aeronautics and Astronautics working in the Aerospace Robotics Lab. His current research focus is route planning for terrain relative navigation specifically applied to underwater robotics.

As a member of SUAVE, he led the Android UAS Project, was a member of the Outback Challenge team, and recently assisted in running the SUAVE 101 Projects. His major interests are in controls and autonomous robotic tasking specifically applied to fixed wing, but lately his interest in quad-copters has increased due to all the awesome equipment available to SUAVE members! As VP, he would really like to promote community among SUAVE members through friendly club competitions, like the 301 Challenges ( yet another shameless plug…).

Head Mentor – Niels Joubert

Niels is a Ph.D candidate in Computer Science, where he applies drones to Computer Graphics problems. He is an active ArduPilot developer, and consults for Swift Navigation, Cape Productions and the NYC Drone Film Festival on UAV-related matters. His cinematography has been awarded in the national Gone in 60 seconds competition, featured on, and he has over 35k views on Youtube. He has previously published in Human-Computer Interaction, Programming Languages and Astrophysics, and has put a satellite into space.

At SUAVE Niels is excited to mentor new students, and nurture the community he found in this group. Always ready for a full throttle dive into adventure, Niels likes to take long distance motorcycle trips, snowboard, and bartend (preferably not at the same time).

Director of Public Relations- Viraj Tipnis

Viraj is the Director of Public Relations for the Stanford UAV Club

Industry Relations – Gordon Sun

Gordon is an undergraduate student in Bioengineering. Gordon championed a quad 101 project in the fall quarter and became a mentor for subsequent quarters. He is an avid quad and RC helicopter pilot. In his free time, he likes to race quads, do aerial photography, swim, and study computational neurology.

Gordon is excited to be part of the leadership in the new Industry Relations position. He will be bringing his invaluable experience and industry contacts to be able to get more funds for the club and increase connections to industry. He would love to hear from you if you happen to know of any industries!

Equipment Master – Josh Romero

Josh is a PhD candidate in the Aerospace Computing Lab at Stanford University. His primary research interest is in the development of high-order numerical methods for computational fluid dynamics simulations. His current focus has been on the development of new theory and novel implementations to increase understanding and general utility of these types of methods.

Josh recently developed a strong interest in RC and UAV development as a means to broaden his skill set (and also to get away from his computer). He hopes to share his enthusiasm with members of the club in their efforts to build, fly, and ultimately enjoy awesome aerial vehicles!

Founder – Robbie Bunge

Robbie is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Aircraft Aerodynamics & Design Group and the Founder of the Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE). Founded in Winter 2013, the purpose was to create a strong and vibrant community of UAVers from across Stanford campus, that fosters and enables students to pursue their own hands-on UAV projects.

His interests span the entire spectrum of UAV Systems, from applied flight dynamics and aircraft design, control systems and machine learning, to autopilot software-hardware development and experimental flight testing. He has designed and integrated several custom built fixed-wing and quadrotor UAVs. Robbie has also developed, together with Andrew Smith (Aero/Astro Ph.D.) and Gumstix Inc., the AeroCore, an autopilot board with a powerful dual core 1GHz computer allowing advanced estimation, control and image processing algorithms to run in real-time. Robbie is also Co-Instructor of AA241X, Stanford’s UAV design course, for which he created StarduPlane, a modified version of ArduPlane, to allow students to easily design and flight test their own UAV from scratch in just 10 weeks.

In his free time Robbie enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and always looks forward to some awesome RC ridge soaring somewhere in the California Coastal Mountains.

Trent Lukaczyk

Trent is a Ph.D. candidate in the Aerospace Design Lab at Stanford University. His core research interests are in aircraft design and optimization methods. He currently contributes to the design of NASA’s next-generation Supersonic Passenger Jet, and the development of open-source design tools including Stanford University Unstructured (SU^2).

Recently, Trent mapped Coral Reefs in American Samoa with a Quad-Rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Trent now is president of the Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE) club, and is actively developing new vertical take-off and landing UAVs.

Manuel López

Manuel is a 5th year graduate student at the Aerospace Computing
Laboratory at Stanford University. His research is in developing robust, high-fidelity
numerical methods tailored to designing geometries in unsteady, vortex-dominated flows:
propellers, flapping wings, helicopters, UAVs. He has participated in the development of HiFiLES, an open-source code that allows users to perform high-fidelity simulations of flows around complex geometries harnessing the parallelizability of GPUs.

In his free time, Manuel is a co-founder of, and heads the aerospace
engineering team at, Fatdoor, Inc., where social network meets
robotics. Over at NASA Ames, he has developed ArduPilot code to enable vertical-takeoff and landing of the DragonEye UAV. He was co-president of SUAVE in 2013-2014 and has
been working together with ten friends to design and build an
ever-flying solar UAV.

Matthew Pawlicki

Matt is a third year graduate student in the Aerospace Design Lab at Stanford University, and is very interested in multi-fidelity optimization methods for aircraft design applications.

Matt now is the financial officer of the club, and is always making an effort to provide the club members with the means for the design, fabrication, and/or acquisition of world-class, state-of-the-art copter and fixed-wing UAVs, as well as for club events that foster discussion, innovation, inspiration, and collaboration for the UAV community.

John Patrick “JP” Shivanandan

JP is a 2nd year masters student in Aero/Astro Engineering and is doing research in the SPaSE lab. His primary research interest is in developing space propulsion systems for small satellites and performs structural and fluid analysis of space related hardware.

JP has 4 years of experience with radio-controlled aircraft as a member of the Design Build Fly Club at Georgia Tech. He has designed and built 3 radio-controlled aircraft for entry into the AIAA and SAE design build fly competitions. Additionally, he was part of the team which won the 2011 AIAA and 2012/2013 SAE competitions. He has worked on RC planes that have ranged from a hand-launched flying wing to a heavy-lift aircraft.

Jacob Crabill

Jacob is a 3rd year Ph.D. candidate in the Aerospace Computing Lab. His interest is in developing computational tools for dynamic, unsteady fluid flows and fluid-structure interaction. As with Manuel Lopez, he is a developer and user of the open-source CFD code HiFiLES.

As an undergrad at Kettering University, Jacob co-founded an SAE Aero Design team, and led the design and manufactureof their RC aircraft for three years. In his spare time, Jacob is also captain of the Stanford Cycling Mountain-Bike Team, and competes against riders from across California and Nevada.