About The Project

Stanford Flight is Stanford’s best (and only) Design-Build-Fly competition team.  DBF’ers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, from 3rd year AA grad students to freshmen looking to learn something new, and we welcome any and every Stanford student to join us in our efforts to make stuff fly.  Last year was our first entry into the AIAA Design Build Fly competition, and this year will be the second time that Stanford has ever fielded an AIAA competition team.  We’ve learned a great deal from last year’s efforts, and now have a good idea of how our design, fabrication, and testing workflows will work–we look forward to tackling this year’s complex engineering challenge and facing off against teams from other universities at the fly-off in 2017!

The 2016-17 AIAA DBF Challenge involves a tube-launched UAV.  The Stanford Flight design and engineering crew has come up with some great ideas for this year’s challenge, and will begin prototyping and testing in late October 2016.  Follow our progress via Twitter!

This year’s Stanford Flight Leadership Team

Chief Engineer/Aero Lead: John McNelly (jmcnelly@stanford.edu)

Team Manager: Natalie Ferrante (natalie9@stanford.edu)

Structures Lead: Megan Rowe (mrowe2@stanford.edu)

Join Us!

Stanford Flight welcomes any members of the Stanford student community (undergraduate or graduate) to join the team.  If you love things that fly and enjoy building cool stuff, you’ll have a blast!  We’d love to get in touch–contact Natalie Ferrante our team manager, by emailing her at natalie9@stanford.edu

Support the Team!

Building cool stuff can be rather expensive!  There’s lots of new techniques and technologies we’d like to try out (composite layup, etc) that we’d love to try out, but may not yet have the financial or physical resources to tackle yet.  With the help of sponsors, we could take our designs to the next level!  Stanford Flight welcomes any and all offers of sponsorship (in monetary and other forms), and sponsorship offers must be approved by the University and the SUAVE club before being officially accepted.  If you are interested in being a supporter of Stanford’s DBF team, drop us a line!  We’d love to have a chat.